Welcome to White Wardrobe!

White Wardrobe is a designer garment hire service.  We hope you enjoy exploring our collection of designer rentals. 

We are based in Epsom, Auckland but ship NZ wide. You are more than welcome to come and try-on our collection.  

To book a try-on appointment, please use the following link: https://app.smoothbook.co/calendar/59eea47bc41085512cb3ce63

Contact us: 

Email: chelsea@whitewardrobe.co.nz
Instagram: @whitewardrobe_

How renting works: 

  • Select the garment you would like, the weekend you want to wear it and proceed to the checkout. If you would like to wear the garment on a weekday, just send us an email. Orders must be placed at least 3 working days before the weekend. We can arrange a late delivery or Saturday courier upon request. 

  • The garment will arrive to you 1 - 2 days before the weekend.

  • Inside your package will include a prepaid overnight tracked shipping bag.

  • After wearing the item, do not wash it, just pop it into the provided courier bag. Cleaning costs are included in the rental. 

  • You are required to return the courier bag to your nearest NZ Post Shop the next working day after wear. Please take the item to the counter so it can be scanned and tracked.

Hire Policy: 

The garment will arrive to you via overnight tracked shipping 1 - 2 days before your chosen wear date. Please ensure that you have a safe spot where the courier can leave your package. We will not be liable for any lost items after the package has been delivered. If you would like to arrange a delivery that requires a signature, please contact us. 

Returning the garment on time

Please ensure that you take the item to your nearest NZ Post Shop the next working day after wear. This is to ensure that someone is able to wear it the next weekend. If you do not return the item on time, we will charge you for the next weekends rental fee.

Incorrect fit
Please take care when choosing a garment to be as certain as possible it will fit and suit you. We endeavour to be as specific as possible when describing the size and fit of garments to ensure you are choosing an item that will fit you. Should the garment not fit, or in the case of a change of mind, no refunds will be given. 

Care & Use of Garments
You are expected to treat the garment with care as you would your own. If the garment is returned with excessive stain marks, you may be charged an extra cleaning fee. If the garment is damaged, we will repair the garment at your expense. If the garment is damaged or stained beyond repair, you will be charged the full RRP cost of the garment. 

Dresses are not to be cleaned by the hirer.  

White Wardrobe xx